Auto Parts Class Actions

Auto Parts Class Action

Several proposed class action lawsuits have been started against automotive part manufacturers who are alleged to have conspired to raise the price of various automotive parts. This conduct has reduced competition in the automotive parts industry, and the prices of the affected automotive parts have been artificially increased.

The affected automotive parts are alleged to include:

  • Automotive hoses
  • Access mechanisms
  • Automotive parts
  • Body sealing products
  • Exhaust systems
  • Power window switches
  • Side door latches
  • Steel tubes
  • Spark plugs and manual steering columns
  • Interior trim products
  • Steering columns
  • Kobe steel

Automobile manufacturers paid more for these parts than they should have. And they passed a portion of these overcharges onto consumers. Accordingly, people who purchased or leased new or used vehicles containing any of the affected automotive parts were also overcharged.

The lawsuits allege breaches of the Competition Act, the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act and various other causes of action such as unlawful interference with economic interests and unjust enrichment. The plaintiffs in these actions seek damages on behalf of class members.

If you purchased or leased a new or used vehicle, or acquired any replacement parts between the years 2000 and 2013, you may have been affected by the overcharges. Please fill out this form and we will contact you to obtain more information to assess your potential eligibility to participate in these actions.

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