Indian Boarding Homes

2022, November 16
The Judicial Dispute Resolution was not concluded. It will resume on December 6, 2022 for a further three days.
2022, September 21
Justice Strickland has directed that a Judicial Dispute Resolution conference take place in Toronto for three days commencing November 14, 2022.
2021, June 6
Justice Strickland has issued an order authorizing the appointment of MV Management as a joint expert of the parties to conduct a survey of band councils on their participation in the Boarding Homes Program.
2020, March 10
The parties have been reviewing archival documents regarding the Boarding Homes Program. The retrieval of documents has been paused due to the closure of Archives Canada as a result of Covid 19.
2019, June 28
The class action has been certified on consent.

The class includes persons who were placed by the Government of Canada in private homes for the purpose of attending school, excluding placements made for the purpose of attending a post-secondary educational institution. There is a Quebec Subclass for class members resident in Quebec at the time of their placement by Canada in the private […]

The Certification Order can be viewed here. open in new tab
2019, April 24
The hearing for the certification motion is set for June 6, 2019.
2018, November 15
The parties agree to a temporary pause in the motion for certification to permit Canada to provide information and documentation to narrow the issues in dispute.