Tim Hortons Class Action

Tim Hortons

Klein Lawyers has filed a proposed class action lawsuit against the TDL Group Corp., the owner of the Tim Hortons brand. The suit alleges that the TDL Group required Tim Hortons restaurant owners to sign anti-competitive no-hire clauses, also referred to as no-poach clauses. 

No-hire clauses are secretive arrangements which prohibit one Tim Hortons restaurant owner from offering work to employees of another Tim Hortons restaurant. They are anti-competitive agreements intended to prevent wages from rising. In other words, no-hire agreements keep wages lower than they otherwise would have been. Restaurant employees receive less pay, allowing Tim Hortons restaurant owners to get richer. This conduct affected every Tim Hortons restaurant in Canada.

If you worked at a Tim Hortons restaurant in Canada, fill out our Do You Qualify form. You may have suffered economic damages as a result of the TDL Group’s illegal actions. Contact us today at info@callkleinlawyers.com or fill out our online questionnaire to receive updates about the case.