Action To Take After A Hit-And-Run Car Accident


Our ICBC lawyers list steps to take after a hit-and-run car accident.

If you have been injured in a hit-and-run car accident in British Columbia, you have ICBC coverage for your losses, but you still need to protect yourself if you wish to receive a proper ICBC car accident settlement.

The mandatory ICBC Basic Autoplan includes $200,000 in coverage for damage, injuries or death caused by a hit-and-run driver.

But there are steps you should take to ensure you receive the ICBC settlement you deserve. They include:

Call authorities and get medical care.

Immediately after the accident, call police and, if anyone is hurt, dial 911 to summon emergency medical help. If it is safe to do so and you are able, move your car out of the road. If you do not need emergency medical care, see a doctor within 24 hours. Some injuries cause delayed symptoms.
In addition, seeing a doctor documents the accident and injuries for a potential medical expense claim. Follow all doctors’ orders for medical care and treatment.

Record what you know about the accident.

Record what you know about the accident.
If you are able to, write down any information that may allow authorities to identify the vehicle that hit you, such as make, model, year, color, license plate number and/or province / state, etc. Write down where and when the accident occurred, how the accident happened (including what lane or lanes you and the other car were in, approximate speed, turns or stops made, etc.) and, if you know, which direction the other vehicle left in.

There may be red light cameras or security cameras at a nearby store, bank, etc., that recorded the accident and/or the car that hit you. If there are witnesses, get and write down names and contact information.

Document the aftermath of the accident


Document the aftermath of the accident.
Photograph damage to your vehicle, as well as your visible injuries, and any torn clothing, broken shoes, jewelry, etc. Save all receipts for expenses connected to the accident, including medical care, prescription and over-the-counter medications, rehabilitative therapy, payment for alternative transportation, car repair or replacement, replacement costs for other property, etc. Keep a record of your progress and setbacks as you recover.

Report the accident to ICBC


Report the accident to ICBC.
You must report a hit-and-run claim to ICBC by phone – not online – at 604-520-8222 in the Lower Mainland and at 1-800-910-4222 from anywhere else in British Columbia.

Be careful of what you say


Be careful of what you say.
As you deal with police or the ICBC, do not admit or deny fault or downplay the damage to your vehicle or your injuries. Be businesslike; answer questions truthfully but succinctly. Do not volunteer information that is not requested.

Talk to a car accident lawyer


In fact, it is best to contact a Vancouver personal injury lawyer before you contact ICBC to report any car crash claims. A lawyer can help you understand what kind of compensation you are entitled to before you talk to an ICBC Lawyer. If you already have a settlement offer from ICBC, a lawyer can review it for you. Remember – your settlement needs to cover all of your losses for damage to your vehicle and your injuries up to the limits of your coverage.
If you have yet to recover from your injuries or ICBC does not have an accounting of all your expenses, how can the settlement offer be proper?

An initial consultation with Klein Lawyers is always free and includes a review of your accident and your options for pursuing a claim. We will be working for you, while ICBC lawyers work for ICBC.

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