Jun 6

Major changes to Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) auto accident policies went into effect on April 1, 2019. These changes, for the most part, only apply to those who were injured in a crash on or after April 1,…

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Jun 26
A woman suffers from an automobile accident injury in Vancouver.

Getting into a car accident that isn’t your fault is never fun. Finding out that your car is totaled because of the accident is even worse. A totaled car can leave you in a tough financial situation as you struggle…

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May 23

If you have filed a claim against ICBC for injuries sustained in an accident, chances are that the first settlement offer you get will not be the amount that you expect or deserve. This is because ICBC is not looking…

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Dec 4
How Long Do You Have to Keep Medical Records?

Physicians and healthcare professionals are legally required to document and maintain accurate, comprehensive medical records in order to provide patients with the best possible care. But how long are they required to keep these medical records on file? According to…

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Dec 3
Do You Have to Pay Taxes on Lawsuit Settlements?

If you are pursuing a settlement from a car accident claim, you may be wondering if you must pay taxes the compensation you have secured. Perhaps you have already received a lawsuit settlement, and you are wondering why you haven’t…

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