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Are Wills Valid When Witnessed by Beneficiaries? | Klein Lawyers

Beneficiaries as Witnesses to the Will: Is the Will Still Valid?

In order for a British Columbia will to be valid, it must meet the following criteria: The will is in writing; It is signed by the will-maker; The signature is made or acknowledged by the will-maker in the presence of two or more witnesses who are present at the same time; Two or more witnesses […]

Top Questions for a Wills Variation Lawyer | Klein Lawyers

Questions to Ask Your Vancouver Wills Variation Lawyer

Have a meeting planned with a Vancouver wills variation lawyer but not sure what questions to ask? Unsure if you need an estate litigation lawyer? Here are a few commonly asked questions to ask your wills variation lawyer. What Is Wills Variation? Wills variation, also known as estate litigation, is a legal claim brought forward […]

When Can I Sue a Doctor? | Klein Lawyers

Can You Sue a Doctor in BC?

Doctors in British Columbia have a duty to provide patients with care that meets the standards of the medical profession. Many doctors deliver a consistently high standard of care, promptly diagnosing health issues and delivering proper and effective treatments. However, medical negligence is still a major problem. The University of Toronto Magazine reports that anywhere […]

When Do You Have the Right to an Estate? | Klein Lawyers

Who Is Entitled to an Estate?

For any family, the loss of a loved one represents a tragedy. Although we all hope that this traumatic event would bring surviving loved ones closer together, the unfortunate reality is that disputes between family members can outlive the deceased. One of the major sources of contention after a death in the family is who […]

What If a Will Is Lost or Gets Damaged? | Klein Lawyers

What Happens to a Lost or Damaged Will?

Be it inadequate file saving or perhaps the intent to revoke a will, for some families, the reality that the will of a loved one has been lost or damaged can be troubling. But, how does the court handle lost or damaged wills, and what happens if you have a claim against the estate? Klein […]