May 3

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a serious disorder that can result from very stressful situations, including motor vehicle accidents. A crash is often a traumatic event that marks a major change in a victim’s life. In many cases, the change…

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Dec 4
How Long Do You Have to Keep Medical Records?

Physicians and healthcare professionals are legally required to document and maintain accurate, comprehensive medical records in order to provide patients with the best possible care. But how long are they required to keep these medical records on file? According to…

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Dec 3
Do You Have to Pay Taxes on Lawsuit Settlements?

If you are pursuing a settlement from a car accident claim, you may be wondering if you must pay taxes the compensation you have secured. Perhaps you have already received a lawsuit settlement, and you are wondering why you haven’t…

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Dec 1
Distracted Driving Accidents in Vancouver

Distracted driving is a factor in nearly a quarter of motor vehicle related deaths, but what about distracted walking accidents? This interactive map shows where pedestrians have been hit in the Vancouver area and across British Columbia. The numbers are…

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Feb 18
Senior driving

No matter how much we fight it, aging is part of life. Eventually the signs of age start taking shape. Hearing and sight are common senses that we often take for granted when we’re active twenty year olds, yet many…

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