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Driving on the highway

How Do You Drive Safely on the Highway?

During a recent five-year stretch (2011-2015), an average of 1,953 people died and 10,673 people suffered serious injuries each year in car accidents on Canada’s roads, according to Transport Canada. These statistics underscore the importance of driving safely on the highways in British Columbia and everywhere else your travels take you. Here, we provide a […]

Infographic: Don’t Let a Drunk Driving Incident Ruin Your Holidays

The holidays provide us all with a chance to be thankful for the things that we have and spend time with the ones that we love and cherish the most. Unfortunately, during this time of thankfulness and get togethers, we also see dramatic increases in binge drinking, DUIs and drunk driving accidents in Vancouver around the […]

School Zone Safety and the Delayed School Year

Even if you don’t have kids in school or a job in education, everyone with a vehicle is affected by the current BC school strike. Typically school zones have a maximum speed zone of 30 kph on school days between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. These restrictions are not in effect during summer holidays, winter […]

Senior driving

Senior Driving: Renewing Your License With ICBC

Driving is a life skill that requires preparation, practice, and precision. After years on the road, those of us reaching our golden years may feel as though we’re seasoned experts behind the wheel. But even a lifetime of driving and zero ICBC points can’t prepare you for the toll that aging takes on us. As […]

school zone saftey

Who Has The Right-Of-Way – Pedestrians Or Cars?

In the Vancouver 24 News (April 17, 2013) last week, there was an awesome observation by Keri Potipcoe regarding the rights of pedestrians. As she states, technically a pedestrian does have the right of way, but is it common sense to just step off the curb in front of a car? Of course not. But […]

Car accident scene

Five Essential Things NOT To Do At The Scene Of A Car Accident

It is always good to be prepared for an accident. Having a checklist of action steps can help you know what is most important to do at a car-accident scene. But just as important, it is what you don’t do at the scene that can be most beneficial. As I posted last week, if anyone […]

Left Curb Parallel Parking Made Easy

My sister always marvels at my ability to parallel park. But being a big city driver I have had a lot of practice. What I still find awkward is the reverse left curb parallel park. Driving manuals and online instructions usually state to take the format of right curb parallel parking and just reverse the […]

Cars parked in a street

Right Parallel Parking Made Easy

Recently, I came across a good short video on how to parallel park. It seems like reverse parallel parking is one of those dreaded driving skills that many people do not like to practice. Like anything, practice makes perfect. One of the key factors to successful parallel parking is to know your vehicle and to […]

A flat tire and an spare tire

The Spare Tire

We don’t think about it often, but the spare tire is a critical safety feature in a car. Having a flat tire or a blowout can be a rattling experience. When a tire unexpectantly fails, you need to stay calm and get your car to the roadside safely. A blowout can mean only one thing: […]

RCMP car

RCMP Launch Targeted Enforcement For Distracted Driving

BC RCMP traffic services will not be showing any love this month to distracted drivers. February is Distracted Driving Month in British Columbia. Preliminary motor vehicle statistics for 2012 indicate that 30% of fatalities and 37% of serious injuries involved distracted driving. Since January of 2010, police in British Columbia issued 105,972 violation tickets for […]

An image of a mother and her children crossing street

More Pedestrians Get Killed In Vancouver Than All Other Road Users

The City of Vancouver launched a safety program called: People are Fragile. It is an excellent campaign to raise awareness of the all too common bad behaviours by drivers, cyclists and pedestrians that can have potentially fatal consequences. Even though there have been several safety campaigns launched by the city, police, and Drop It […]

Tire gauge checking

Tire Maintenance For Your Driving Safety

Did you know that vehicle tires are a critical element to road safety? In order for tires to perform safely, they need regular maintenance. If not maintained, tires can suddenly fail and cause you to lose control of the vehicle. A number of years ago, I was driving down Highway 1 on my way to […]

Car front-seat interior

Always Use Your Parking Brake! By Shaun de Jager

Shaun de Jager is a trained race car driver, a road safety educator, and a valuable blogger on road safety issues. As a dedicated specialist, he works to make our roads safer through advanced driver training and education. With Shaun’s help, you can take classes such as: upgrading your driving skills, driver rehabilitation, shifting from […]

spooky car accidents

Drivers Beware: Of Ghost And Goblins

There are countless news stories and blogs dedicated to Halloween safety for children who will be out trick or treating. But drivers beware, it is the little rascals that you need to be on the look out for. Halloween is a time to trick or treat, but it can also be a little road of […]

Do ICBC Driver Penalty Points Affect My ICBC Insurance Premium?

Last week we wrote about ICBC Driver Penalty points. But does getting penalty points and the payment premium affect my annual insurance premiums? The answer is yes and no. Confused yet? The actual points do not affect your insurance premiums as Driver Penalty Points and Driver Risk Premiums are separate from Autoplan insurance premiums, but […]

British Columbia Cycling Coalition Logo

Right To Bike Has Vancouver City Support

A couple of weeks ago, I opened the Vancouver Metro paper and to my delight the front-page story (after the front page ad), was “Fast Lane To Safe Cycling”. The story outlines the initiative by ICBC and the BC Cycling Coalition (BCCC) to implement a province-wide bike-training program. In addition, the Right to Bike was […]

Hands-Free Devices: Legal, But Are They Safe?

In British Columbia, the law allows for the use of hands-free devices while driving a motor vehicle. But statistics show that this is a very unsafe activity. A person talking on a mobile phone, whether hands free or not, is 4 times more likely to crash. According to research, and explained by David Teater, the […]

A Split Second Can Last Forever

Alex, the husband of one of my best friends has a saying, “Your life is measured in seconds and inches (ok, should be centimeters, but doesn’t have the same impact). The first time I heard him say that I didn’t really take it to heart, but after participating in many presentations by Drop It And […]

MADD Canada event

A Mother’s Grief: A Child Lost To A Drunk Driver Never Comes Home

November marked a month of remembrance and recognition to victims of drunk and distracted driving. The real life stories are heart breaking and if we all remember these stories whenever we take the wheel, there will be no more distracted or drunk driving. Drop It And Drive hosted a memorial event at Sullivan Heights High […]

Highway lanes

The Ubiquitous Lane Change

Next to the lowly signal light, which I wrote about last week, another road safety rule that so many people abuse is the correct way to change or enter a lane. The lines or road markings are there for a reason! They may be solid, broken, white or yellow. Each of those specific characteristics communicates […]

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The Wave Of Death: When Polite Can Get You Killed

It is kind of you to wave me through the intersection or through a roundabout or at the crosswalk, but if the wave is contradictory or unpredictable to anyone else on the road, that polite gesture could get me or someone else killed. In the world of personal injury lawyers they call that the “wave […]

Right-Hand Drive: Will Right-Hand Drive Vehicles Survive In Canada?

Part Two Currently in Canada, there is a small contingent of brokers who import Right-Hand Drive (RHD) vehicles and facilitate repairs and access to parts. The support structure for RHD vehicle owners in Canada, however, is small and widely scattered. So before buying an RHD, make sure you have a local supplier and a mechanic […]

Cones on road

Driver Training Taken To A Whole New Level

The BC Driving Center and Driving Unlimited Academy takes driver training to a whole new level. Located in Pitt Meadows this private facility offers a variety of driver training courses from the novice to the experienced car enthusiast. At 15, I started to learn to drive in my brother-in-law’s big pick up truck. I could […]

Aggressive Driving – Where Are Your Manners?

I drive every day in the city (of Vancouver). Each time, I am shocked and outraged by the lack of respect drivers show towards others when they are in a moving vehicle. My particular pet peeves include drivers who fail to use a signal light, do not let other drivers merge, and are completely unaware […]

New Laws Address Dangerous Driving Behavior In BC – Confiscation, ICBC Risk Premiums, Penalty Points And Hefty Fines Implemented

Changes to the BC Motor Vehicle Act will come into affect on September 20th, 2010. BC’s worst offenders: those who drive impaired and those who drive at excessive speeds will see significant changes in fines and consequences. One major change is the new, roadside-issued, 90-day driving bans state police officers will no longer need to […]

What’s Up With The Right-Hand-Drive?

Until recently, the only right-hand-drive (RHD) cars seen in Canada were vintage versions of British imports like MGs, Morrises, Austins and Hillmans. But RHD cars are growing in popularity here, with ICBC reporting that some 200 of these vehicles are imported into British Columbia every month, mostly from Japan. So, why the popularity and why […]