Oct 18
Driving on the highway

During a recent five-year stretch (2011-2015), an average of 1,953 people died and 10,673 people suffered serious injuries each year in car accidents on Canada’s roads, according to Transport Canada. These statistics underscore the importance of driving safely on the…

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Dec 19

The holidays provide us all with a chance to be thankful for the things that we have and spend time with the ones that we love and cherish the most. Unfortunately, during this time of thankfulness and get togethers, we…

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Sep 3

Even if you don’t have kids in school or a job in education, everyone with a vehicle is affected by the current BC school strike. Typically school zones have a maximum speed zone of 30 kph on school days between…

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Jul 9
Senior driving

Driving is a life skill that requires preparation, practice, and precision. After years on the road, those of us reaching our golden years may feel as though we’re seasoned experts behind the wheel. But even a lifetime of driving and…

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Apr 23
school zone saftey

In the Vancouver 24 News (April 17, 2013) last week, there was an awesome observation by Keri Potipcoe regarding the rights of pedestrians. As she states, technically a pedestrian does have the right of way, but is it common sense…

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