Woodlands Press – Woodlands decision “morally bankrupt”

Woodlands Press – Woodlands decision “morally bankrupt”

Lawyer David Klein argued on behalf of the Woodlands survivors and agreed it was a disappointing setback.

“There is no rational basis for distinguishing between victims before 1974 and after 1974,” he said. “It’s simply an unjust law.”

Schiller said he expects Klein will be asked to appeal the decision to the Supreme Court of Canada later this year.

The Court of Appeal decision means that the main suit, for the roughly two-thirds of former residents victimized after Aug. 1 1974, will take a lot of Klein’s attention. It is scheduled to start in January 2010 and is expected to last six months.

“This case should have been settled a long time ago,” said Klein.

“The conditions at Woodlands were horrendous, and it’s a stain on B.C.’s reputation.”

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