Indian Boarding Homes Class Action

The Indian Boarding Home Program was an educational program in which the Government of Canada removed Indigenous children and adolescents from their families and Indigenous communities. These children were transported to communities to stay with boarding families and to attend public schools.  The program was implemented as part of Canada’s policy of culturally assimilating Indigenous persons into mainstream Canadian society.

The Indian Boarding Home Program began during the 1950s as Canada began to dismantle Indian Residential Schools program. Canada continued to operate the program into the early 1990s.

The class action alleges that Canada’s actions in creating, operating, and maintaining the Indian Boarding Home Program created an environment where abuse, harassment, and other harms would occur. Canada’s conduct, and that of its servants, was negligent and in breach of the fiduciary duties that Canada owes to its Indigenous Persons. Class Members have suffered serious and lasting harms as a result.

This class action seeks to rectify some of the historic wrongs Canada committed. Klein Lawyers has been successful in getting this case certified as a class action. We are now pushing litigation against the Government of Canada for its role in the creation, funding, operation, and maintenance of the Indian Boarding Home Program, and Canada’s placement of Indigenous people.

The class action was certified by order of Madam Justice Strickland on June 28, 2019. The certified class includes all persons who were placed by the Government of Canada in private homes for the purpose of attending school, excluding placements made for the purpose of attending a post-secondary educational institution.

If you believe you were placed in a boarding home pursuant to the Indian Boarding Home Program, please complete this form and our office will contact you as soon as possible.

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