A Mother’s Grief: A Child Lost To A Drunk Driver Never Comes Home

MADD Canada event

November marked a month of remembrance and recognition to victims of drunk and distracted driving. The real life stories are heart breaking and if we all remember these stories whenever we take the wheel, there will be no more distracted or drunk driving.

Drop It And Drive hosted a memorial event at Sullivan Heights High School in Surrey on November 29 to bring awareness to the senseless loss of life due to distracted driving. A solemn parade of 96 high school students, holding 96 coats,, represented 96 lives – lost to distracted driving. But it is not just 96 lives. It is the many lives affected by the loss of a loved one, it is the domino effect of hundreds of people dealing with pain, sorrow, grief and remorse. 96 drivers who caused 96 deaths – all of which were completely preventable. The pain never fully goes away for both victim and negligent driver.

MADD Metro Vancouver held their Red Ribbon Campaign in Surrey, BC on November 30. The event is held every year just before the holiday season to remind people to take personal responsibility and to not drink and drive. As stated by Bob Rorison, President of MADD Metro Vancouver, “Just because you had the least to drink in your group, does not make you the designated driver. One drink is too many.” There were many statistics communicated, heart felt speeches by first responders, politicians and lawyers, but there is only one speech that a person needs to hear. That is the sorrow of a mother who has lost a child due to drunk driving.

Please take a few moments to listen to the story (very amateur video by the blogger) of Markita Kaulius, who lost her 22-year-old daughter Kassandra Kaulius to a drunk driver on May 3rd, 2011 in Surrey, BC. Remember her sorrow and support MADD to remove drunk drivers from the road. The Kaulius family have also started Families for Justice, a support and resource group to help other families who have lost loved ones in tragic preventable car crashes.

Happy holidays and safe driving everyone. If you are celebrating over the holidays please take a cab, take a bus, walk, sleep over, call your mom, dad or best friend, or call a designated driver server.

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  • Pamela Burniston says:

    I lost my only son in 1975 from drunk drivers, next month (april 7th) he would have been 44 years old, from the wreak i couldnt have any more children, i feel like i need some kind of help, mentally i think i might could use some kind of help because the older i get the more it kills me inside and im not sure what to do about it

    • Klein Lawyers LLP says:


      We are so sorry to hear this. We’d like to give you more information on services that maybe able to help you with what your going through, if you call us directly at 604-874-7171.

      Sincerely – Klein Lawyers LLP